Call for submissions - International Women’s Day 2022

Call for submissions - International Women’s Day 2022

Do you have a social enterprise that you wish to advance? You can receive a ILS 50,000-100,000 grant to promote your initiative!

In honor of International Women’s Day 2022, Miss Fix the Universe and the Corporate Social Responsibility Center at Hapoalim Bank are proud to announce the opening of the registration for the 2022 entrepreneurial grants, for a total of ILS 225,000. 

We recognize the ability of women to change the world, and value promoting their activism for the good of the world. We strive to strengthen innovative and determined social entrepreneurs: your success is the success of the world.

Miss Fix the Universe is a community established in November 2021, in order to give stage to women activists.

Hapoalim Bank has been working for the community for 100 years, and supports NGOs that promote social mobility, equal opportunities and narrowing social gaps. 

Hapoalim and Miss Fix partnered together in an uplifting move to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022. 

Who is if for? The grants will be awarded to three social entrepreneurs working under the auspices of NGOs or public-benefit corporations for the empowerment of women, with an emphasis on the social and geographic periphery. The judging committee of the current financing round will focus on initiatives benefitting women in Israel only, and will not discuss submissions from enterprises involved in political activities.

Scope of the grants: ILS 100,000, ILS 75,000, and ILS 50,000

When? Pre-registration starts right now. You are welcome to fill in the form below, and receive an email reminder from us to complete the process, once full registration opens.

What if my initiative doesn’t qualify for a grant this time? The Miss Fix the Universe website is designed to promote social activism, and is open to any woman leading an enterprise with social value, in any field. Entrepreneurs who do not match the criteria for the current round are invited to register to the Miss Fix the Universe community, receive consultation and networking, and accumulate votes toward the next financing rounds, which accommodate their fields of activity.

As soon as the full registration opens we will send you a reminder to go in and complete the registration form.

To all the women who already submitted initiatives in the previous round – don’t worry, we are building a new platform, and when it goes on the air your profiles will be there and you will be able to update them.

We are referring to a different kind of beauty

Miss Fix the Universe is a portal for women working to fix the world. In this space, we offer a stage for inspiring female activism, introduce mentoring programs, and occasionally activate financing rounds for enterprises.

“No country can thrive if it abandons the potential of its women, and prevents itself from benefitting from the contribution of a half of the population”.

— Michelle Obama

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