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Bars from Mars

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Bars from Mars is a project that integrates self-love and environmental awareness. I was in the end of my PhD in biotechnology engineering when the world stopped because of the pandemic in 2020, and I realized that we should rethink our actions and be more aware of the influence of our consumption choices in the planet. I decided to start a project that could have a social impact using my academic knowledge. It was when Bars from Mars was conceived.Conventional cosmetics in bottles are made of 80-90% water. The idea is to use less water and create highly concentrated products in bars. Just by choosing products in bars instead of bottles, we are reducing water use and single-use plastic consumption. For being highly concentrated, cosmetics in bars last longer than their liquid counterparts. Therefore, one shampoo bar for example can replace until 2 bottles of shampoos, meaning 2 less plastic bottles in the world. Bars from Mars products are vegan, palm-oil free, natural, plastic-free and cruelty-free. Every ingredient is carefully chosen based on their benefits and source material. This project shows that it is possible to have beauty products with minimum impact on the environment, without compromising quality.
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Israel is the second biggest per capita consumer of single-used plastic in the world. The annual household consumption of disposable plastic products is 7.5 kg per person, five times more than in the European Union (Reuters, July 2021). In 2019, Tel Aviv was ranked third among 22 Mediterranean beaches for most plastic pollution along coastline and according to the National Marine Waste Monitoring Report for 2019, nearly three-quarters of the trash found in Israeli waters in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea consists of bits of plastic bags and plastic containers. Therefore, replacing single-used plastic bottles cosmetics for bars will have a huge impact in the plastic waste, contributing to the sustainability in Israel and in the world. One shampoo bar, for example, can replace the equivalent of 2 bottles of shampoo. The packaging of bars from Mars products are recycled paper boxes that can be decomposed in 6 months while the decomposition time for plastic bottles is around 400 years. Therefore, only by using one bars from Mars shampoo you are going to contribute to 2 plastic bottles less in the world that would need 400 years each to decompose.
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My aim is that bars from Mars will become an important cosmetics brand in Israel in a middle term and in long term in the world. Each shampoo and conditioner in bar produced by Bars from Mars replaces the equivalent to 4 new plastic bottles in the world. The mission of Bars from Mars is to educate people about the social impact of changing in small habits and that it is possible choose quality products that are also environmentally friendly.

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