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We are going to create a map of everyone in the world to be a part of this: tracking who is doing what, where, with tangible impact for how many people. Over the past 13 years, I embarked on intensive research so we can all contribute to the creation of a better world for humans, nature and the environment. Solving the climate crisis is not only about education and raising awareness, it is also about implementing the most appropriate practical solutions and behavioral changes in every home and community, for the good of all, in the shortest amount of time. Through my global work in the field of sustainability, and with my position as a CUNCR Climate Ambassador, I have forged many and varied relationships with different indigenous populations, with environmental activists such as Greta Thunberg, and with influencers around the world. These key relationships have opened the door for me to attend the UN conferences of COP 25 &amp 26, and other climate related events where I can now keep in close communication with climate scientists and environmental activists all over the globe.Be. is uniquely positioned at a cultural and organizational crossroads where a great deal of essential information is accessible to us, and we are always working to pass this knowledge on to as many channels as possible. From our individual backgrounds, an extensive global network, our passion for climate solutions, we are ready to make a difference in helping to create a world where all our children may thrive<
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We are going to create a map of everyone in the world to be a part of this: tracking who is doing what, where, with tangible impact for how many people.Duration of the ImpactReaching far into the future impacting generations to come. Size of the population affected by the initiativeLocal to Regional to GlobalDepth of ImpactBe. is designed to offer sustainability solutions that can positively impact the lives of the individual concerned citizens and their commitment for creating a better world will ripple into families, communities, regions, nations, and the planet. <span style="font-size: 11pt font-family: Roboto, sans-serif background-color: transparent font-weight: 400 font-variant-nu
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My vision is to connect a critical mass on an ecosystem of sustainable solutions and educational content which will make our world a better place for our children and generations to come.This will be made up of individuals, initiatives and organizations connecting, collaborating and co-creating based on shared values and principles designed for positive social impact.NUMERICAL: Every one is a light – and together, we are a grand light. Every one has one voice and together, we are a grand voice. By inviting celebrities and influencers to sing the song “TOGETHER”, by UNICEF, and utilizing a set of hand signals using an “ice-bucket”-type challenge on TikTok, this vision will go viral and inspire millions of people to join and tackle the climate crisis together.As a child, I sang the song "Together", the official anthem for the 50th anniversary of UNICEF with my mother and father Ruthie & David Broza.This song, which talks about our power and ability to make a difference and impact in our world together, has left me with great inspiration ever since.I now have the vision to bring this song back as an anthem of hope for all of the world.<span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Roboto, sans-serif; color: rgb

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