Our Team

Limor Weisberg-Caspi, Partner and CEO

Limor has 25 years of experience in strategic marketing, branding and design, both in the private and public sectors, in Israel and the US. She is a poet, and a laureate of awards from the Ministry of Culture.

Elah Alkalay, IWN Chairperson

Elah has worked in the capital market for 30 years. Elah currently serves as Head of corporate responsibility at IBI Investment House and Chairperson of IBI Mutual Funds.  Elah Co-founded IBI’s women’s investment forum, IBI’s ESG and Impact portfolios among other initiatives at IBI. Elah serves as Chair of the Israel Women’s Networks since 2016

Einat Fisher-Lalo, IWN CEO

Einat had been serving as the IWN’s Executive Director since December 2021. Previously, she served as CEO of the “Citizens’ Empowerment Center” and as Executive VP of Government Affairs at the “Darkenu” organization. Prior to joining the nonprofit sector, she served in public positions for 15 years, including as advisor to a minister and as a CEO’S chief of staff in several government ministries.

Yael Shamir - IWN Development Director

Yael has been serving as Development Director of the IWN since 2019. Previously, she lectured and facilitated groups for women on technology and health. She is also an accomplished copywriter and a former journalist at Ha’aretz. Yael invented the concept of the event and the name Miss Fix the Universe.

Ravit Kahlon, IWN Digital and Communities' Director

Yehudith Ben-Lavi, Partner and Director of the SheEconomy

Yehudit is a feminist and the founder and leader of SheEconomy in Israel. She has been a part of Discount Bank’s executive team for years, promoting large scale projects with a gender focus. Together with Neta Granot and Hadas Rise she founded the “SHEvyon Accelerator”, cultivating gender equality through economic tools. Yehudit’s motto: gender equality is an economic growth engine; it will be obtained only when in all sectors of society women hold the same decision-making power as men.

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